What is Traditional Marketing? | Advantages over digital marketing?

Traditional Marketing is the oldest form of marketing. It's obvious, I know. But it's not obsolete. In simple terms, anything that is not digital marketing is traditional marketing. Taking the example of the super bowl, the number of viewers was a staggering 114 million in February 2015. That day recorded the largest number of television viewers in American history. The data also says that the viewership peaked at 120 million from 9:45 to 10:00 pm. Television is a tested marketing tactic. The Superbowl's massive viewership shows traditional marketing's immense power.

All traditional marketing falls under 4 types : 

·    Direct Mail

·    Telephone

·    Print

·    Broadcast

Direct Mail 

Direct marketing predates the introduction of television and includes brochures, flyers, postcards, and booklets. It is one of the oldest kinds of marketing. The focus of this type of marketing is persuasion to attract customers through words and pictures. Postal mail is used in direct mail marketing.


The method of selling things or delivering messages over the phone is known as telephone marketing or telemarketing. It is accomplished by influencing the consumer's mind to sell goods or services. Though it has been proved as one of the most effective strategies, many marketers consider telemarketing unethical and irritating.


Television and radio advertisements come under broadcast advertisement.

Television advertising began only ten years after the invention of television. Television commercials are well known for revolutionising the marketing sector like no one else. The reach and the results of television advertising were unknown to marketers when it started. A radio advertisement has been here for a long time. The first radio advertisement was broadcasted in 1920.


Print marketing normally comprises newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. When this marketing began, the newspaper was the only medium through which print marketing could be carried out.

Most people read newspapers as it is the cheapest way to get information. Marketers prefer print marketing when the goal is to reach as many people as possible.

Advantages of using Traditional Marketing

Wider Audience

The most effective use of marketing traditionally is reaching the masses. Print an advertisement in a newspaper or run a television ad and you are already in the household of millions of people. Furthermore, traditional marketing is for you if your target audience is the commoner or the local market.

The only way to reach Mature Demographics

Even though digital marketing is becoming more popular, traditional marketing still has a lot of significance. Let's take the demographics as an example. People above the age of 65 do not use the internet or mobile phones. As a result, if your prospects are in this age range, digital marketing will not be able to reach them. In this case, traditional marketing, such as newspapers and magazines, is the only way available.

The older, The better

Psychology says the most difficult thing to adapt for a human brain is change. The current generation finds comfortable in getting news and information through social media.

People in the older generation, on the other hand, prefer to acquire the latest information through traditional marketing, which is an older kind of marketing. For this reason, traditional marketing is still effective in many ways. 


People's privacy has been a major worry in recent years. Privacy is a myth when you're online. You have no idea when or how your data will be used. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, is trustworthy. Simply put, you get everything you want without compromising anything.

Print materials are easy to read and understand

Although we are accustomed to reading information on a screen, we find that reading, understanding, and recalling information in print materials is easier. According to a Guardian story, those who read a novel on a kindle retain far less information than those who read a novel in paperback.

Questions & Answers

1)        What are the types of traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing includes newspapers, magazines, phone books, and radio. This type of marketing is the simplest way to reach a large number of people.

What are the advantages of traditional marketing?

·    High Local Reach

·    Better Market Penetration

·    Best way to reach Mature Demographics

·    More effective for Local Business

·    Privacy is intact

2)        Why Traditional Marketing is better than Digital Marketing?

 Traditional marketing has several advantages over digital marketing, but the decision ultimately comes down to your brand's requirements.

·    Wider Audience

·    The only way to reach Mature Demographics

·    Privacy